9.1Tønnies/Unknown Photos

Heinrich Tønnies (1825-1903)

Heinrich Tønnies was a glass worker from Germany that moved to Denmark for work and became a well-known photographer.  He took photos of dignitaries along with common people from blacksmiths, butchers, servants, and chimney sweeps.   Portraits by Heinrich Tönnies

Tønnies also took many photos of Mormon missionaries and immigrants in Denmark especially when they were arriving or leaving Heinrich Tönnies collection | Manuscript Collection.  His family maintained his high quality photo business after he died.  Here is a fun link of photos taken by him or his family.  Examples of Tønnies’ work from Flickr





There are probably about 10 Danish blacksmiths in my family tree including 2 (Frederick & Henry Olsen) that became blacksmiths also in Rigby, Idaho. Here is a Heinrich Tøinnes blacksmith photo. Maybe they looked similar to my ancestors.
Here is a link that shows other workers in Denmark in the 1890’s such as barrel makers, wagon factory workers, weavers, a dairyman, archaeologists, miners, childhood labor and more.    https://www.google.dk/search?q=fotos%20arbejdere&es_sm=93…

I Wish My Relatives Would Have Labeled the Photos

These came from my grandmother and a distant cousin’s grandmother.  The following Danish photos (except one from New York that seemed like it was from a Danish photographer) and their photo backs were not labeled.  I have some assumptions on some of them.  

At the first part of 2015, I ran these photos through Google images and Danish Google images and did not find any identification.  Throughout this blog, I put photos in sephia (color) so these look more like the original photos.  If anyone has any identification of these photos, please let me know in the blog.

Here is a site that has different photographers and some photos taken by them along with some history about the photographers. http://www.fotohistorie.com





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Labeled- Not a relative.  She is someone else’s relative, though.


I think I’m right on this one but would like to know if anyone has more info on this picture. This photo is one of my favorite photos, because I used some of my research to figure which family these people belong to. Ole’s son, Frederick Olsen, and his wife Kristine Wilhelmine Hansen immigrated to the United States in 1877 along with Kristine Wilhelmine’s parents, Hendrik Boder Vilhelm Hansen (age 63) and Johanne Broggebusch (age 70). Johanne’s brother, Johannes, died in 1873, 4 years before Johanne left. In Johanne’s probate, it list 2 sets of children, one from his 1st wife who died and one from his second wife. The younger children’s ages match the approximate ages of these individuals. Johannes was also a master carpenter and had a long probate so he owned a lot of money. This looks more elegant than the other photos I have. Several genealogist looked at the clothing and said it was probably around the 1870-1880 time period. My conclusion is that Johanne probably brought a photo of her nieces and nephew with her to the United States to remember them. These individuals are probably Kristine Sophie Broggebusch (born 1849), Frederik Villiam Broggebusch (born 1853), Boline Hansine Bryggebusch (born 1857), and Andria Maria Broggebusch (born 1860).