Scandinavian Family History Adventure

At the end of April and 1st part of May 2017, I was able to go to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway to see where some of my ancestors came from.  It was such an enjoyable trip that I want to share with you!

After many countless hours and losing a version of it and having to redo almost the entire thing, I finally have the slideshow done of our family history trip to Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, and Norway) with my parents, 3 sisters, and I. This slide show does not get into many family stories but includes places where the following people lived. There will be future slide shows with more stories about Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Here are the following people that will also be in the movie plus many more. 1. Johanna Matilda Matthiasson Lundquist who married Frans Gustav Lundquist. She immigrated to Labelle, Idaho from Uppsala, Sweden. 2. Henry Olsen’s parents, Frederick Olsen & Kristine Wilhelmine Hansen,

Johanna Matilda Mathiasson  1866-1941, Uppsala, Sweden


Henry Olsen 1888-1968

OlsenFrederickHansenKristineVilhelmineProbably1903Photo (2)

Skaelskor, Denmark

Ole Jensen 1819-1900, Eggeslevmagle, Denmark
Olena Hansdatter 1816-1900, Frederikstad, Norway

immigrated from Skælskør, Denmark to Rigby, Idaho.  3. Ole Jensen was Henry’s grandfather from Eggeslevmagle, Denmark. He died in Denmark. His first name “Ole” is where the Olsens get their last name. 4. Olena Hansdatter married Torger Gundersen and immigrated to Salt Lake City living on Gundersen Lane in Salt Lake City from Frederikstad, Norway.



I know the slide show goes quite fast. If you want to read the slide just stop the slide show. Here is the link

under “Scandinavian Family History Adventure”

It is around 30 minutes so watch it when you have some time.

Enjoy the Show!



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