Denmark Genealogy -Welcome to Step-by-Step Danish Family History Using – Use “Google” as Search Engine if having problems loading Website

This is my grandmother, Erma Matilda Olsen Gunderson. She had some of the Danish photos you see on the website. I wish she would have labeled them. Her brothers and children said that she knew who the people were in most of her pictures. Holger and Josephine Olsen were Erma’s aunt and uncle. Erma’s father, Henry, was Holger’s brother.
This is Vern Gunderson, my grandfather who was married to Erma. Edward Gunderson Jr’s his father’s family was from Norway while Rosetta Stay his mother’s family was from England.
This photo is of Josephine Amelia Dahle, Holger Frederick Olsen (born in Copenhagen, Denmark and came to the U.S.A. with his father, Frederick Olsen and mother, Kristine Wilhelmine Hansen), Alfreida, and Esther Olsen (Esther actually died at the age of 16 from acute appendicitis). Josephine hired the Genealogical Society of Utah to do some family history work in 1934. A genealogist in Denmark was hired and pedigree charts were started. She corresponded with relatives in Denmark and obtained some of the Danish photos on this website. Her granddaughter, Kay, let me scan the Danish photos she had.

I would like this blog to be distributed to anyone that is even slightly interested in Danish Family History or any type of Family History.

I felt strongly that I needed to make this blog.   Hopefully, someone will be helped through the many hours of creating it.  I don’t  want everyone to spend as much time learning how to do it as I did so they can focus on finding their Danish family instead of figuring out the process.

Please share any other websites or ideas that you have for Danish Family History on my blog.  I love learning new things!

When navigating the blog, please first click on “0 Purpose” then “1 Who Am I” and follow along numerically.  Do small pieces of work at a time and remember that Rome (and Copenhagen) were not built in a day.

Enjoy finding your Danish ancestors!



2 thoughts on “Denmark Genealogy -Welcome to Step-by-Step Danish Family History Using – Use “Google” as Search Engine if having problems loading Website

  1. thank you, you are helping me to start a family journey. Any other help that you can give me I truly appreciate


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